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What we do / Green roofs
As one of UK's leading roofing contractors we are able to deal with all types of roofing schemes to meet the client needs

Green roofs

In a world challenged to achieve greater standards of beauty, efficiency and environmental standards there can only be one choice for your roof. Green roofs provide all the benefits of a modern roof while giving the added benefits of blending in with the environment.

Our specialist designers can work with you to provide the best options for your green roof. From start to finish, we will ensure your project achieves all the goals set out.

Green roofs not only play a part in ensuring your building blends in with it natural surroundings, but modern systems can add new green areas in an urban environment allowing you to get the very best out of your roof.

Our specialist teams will ensure the roof vegetation is suited to the environment, making less work and maintenance and leaving more time for you to enjoy the benefits of your green roof system.

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